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May 22, 2010 12:33PM

David Blond of The Blonds: On Betty White, High Heels, and Being Blond

An Exclusive Fashion Funhouse Emporium Two Part  Interview:
David Blond, one half of the Spectacular Design Duo, The Blonds
By Amber Stolec

Photo Courtesy of Mao Public Relations


David and Phillip Blond know how to put on a runway show, design for the stars, and can make anything sparkle. But what do you know about them? Along with finding out what happens when the two sit down to create, I wanted to find out what they do on a day off, what they wear and what it really means to be "blond."

If you had to wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be? You cant pick yourself.

Oh, God, I can’t pick myself? [laughs] Tom Ford is my staple. He is, to me, just it. It’s pretty much my uniform. Anything he’s ever done, whether it’s been with his own label, Gucci, Yves St. Laurent, it’s my look: the blazer, the button down and the black trousers.

I can’t speak for Phillipe though. He wears so many different things. Though he loves the Christian Louboutin shoe. That’s his staple! It’s funny, we are both kind of inspired by shoes, in particular high heels. Its something we both love. We both have a shoe fetish. He loves wearing them and I have fun seeing him wear them. It’s a match made in heaven, if you will.

My sister and I are both natural blonds. We've both been dying our hair red for years. Is that blasphemy?

No! No! I love that! Phillipe and I are both Hispanic and we have dark hair and we both dye our hair blond.  What we are trying to say with The Blonds is that it’s a state of mind. You don’t have to be blond to be “blond.” Its about having fun. We want to inspire people to use fashion as an escape. Fashion is like a legal form of a crutch or drug. It makes you high, it makes you giddy and it makes you feel beautiful when you are wearing something you like. Don’t be afraid to try different fashions. Everything is temporary.  It’s the quickest, simplest, and easiest way to have fun. If you put on a sequin scarf, or skirt, its something that will make you smile and make other people smile too.

Everyone has some sort of pet peeve. What is yours?

Mine would be a lack of creativity, just a lack of glamour. It’s someone being totally disinterested with what they look like. I know were not supposed to focus on the outside. It’s a big no-no, to look at the outside. But, fashion is so important because we live with it everyday. It’s an extension of you and what you are like on the inside as well.

I don't like tracksuits!

No. I totally get the tracksuits, though there should be a little twist there, something to make it look interesting. Like looking dirty on purpose, like Kate Moss. You know a lot of work went into that hair, but it looks dirty as hell!

Let’s say you have a day off. What do you do?

We rarely have time off, but when we do, sometimes we do movie marathons. We’re really into films. If it’s nice out we’re out walking around. I love New York because you can do anything at almost any time.

One of my favorite things to do this summer, a friend and I joined a community garden on 6th Street between B and C. It’s tiny but its really beautiful. I swear to you, walking in is like walking into Alice in Wonderland. It’s so insane! A morning ritual has been to get our coffee, take our dog [a Chinese Crested named Bijou] and go there. It’s a decompression.

This is not David and Phillipe's dog...but its the breed. Theirs may have a blond streak and spiked collar.

Betty White of the Golden Girls, recently took the media by storm with her appearance on SNL. What would you design for Betty if she approached you?

I love Betty White along with everyone else. I would make something for her in a minute, no questions asked. I would do whatever she asked for! I don’t think she’d be able to handle one of our metal corsets, but I’m sure we could cinch her a little bit and pull off a Marlene Dietrich look if she wanted it…or a Pavé pantsuit, and since its Betty White, we’d make it all white. She’d look amazing in that.

From The Blonds first collection in 2008. Photo: theblondsnewyork.com

So there you have it. David and Phillipe Blond will be around for a long time, making the world a happy, shiner place through fashion.

Betty White's people, get in touch with David and Phillipe's people. Lets do this!

What inspires The Blonds? Read more here.

Credits: Be Cool! Please do not re-post or republish any portion of this copyrighted interview or photos without crediting and linking back to the author, Amber Stolec, the website, Fashion Funhouse Emporium, and the photos to Mao Public Relations.

A special thank you to Matt at Mao.  Best of Luck on your travels! And a HUGE thank you to David Blond for being an awesome, sweet and inspiring interview. So much so, I made it two parts!!


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Love the ideas for Betty White. I think their should be a facebook group that gets Betty White an American or International fashion cover, it would make whomever chooses her a lot of money because Betty would be thrilled. This was an amazing interview! Keep them coming

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