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Sep 8, 2010 12:38AM

Happiness is Watching Tim Gunn on The Daily Show

Photo: Marvel Comics

Project Runway has a straight male following. Don't believe me? Ask around. I've heard many boyfriends say they watch the reality fashion design show with their girlfriends for one reason: They love Tim Gunn. So it's not too far fetched to see a fashion celebrity stop by for a second appearance on The Daily Show with John Stewart.

While dishing out advice to new designers on Project Runway, Gunn never seems quite as harsh as his fellow show colleagues. He's got his catch phrases which make him seem as a caricature of himself: "Just make it work!" and "go, go go!" and "carry on." He's the lovable and sassy gay Dad most of us don't have.

Tim Gunn appeared on the The Daily Show with John Stewart Tuesday night to promote his new book "Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons For Making it Work." And boy, did he sell it.

Some people over at Conde Nast "need straight jackets," said Gunn. And then added, If you live in the monkey house, you don't know it stinks. Stewart then quipped you also don't know its not okay to throw crap at people.

As rumors flew that Tim Gunn dished a little dirt on the the notorious A-N-N-A in his latest publication, he confirmed it and he didn't apologize for it. John Stewart stated that Gunn did not assault Wintour's character, but rather wrote an observation. Tim went on to say that he was hounded by Anna's people to print a retraction, or at least an apology for writing that she was carried down six flights of stairs during a fashion show while wearing Manolo Blahnik shoes. He said the only thing he will say is that he's sorry Anna "doesn't know how to work a pair of Manolos."

Daaaamn. In an industry where fashion people quiver and quake in their very own cheap Steve Madden shoes at the very mention of the Vogue Editor in Chief, Gunn is not worried at all. Hes ruler of his own empire.

To my knowledge, Anna Wintour will not be starring in The Smurfs movie, nor does she have her own comic book character.  I suppose his willingness to venture from the stereotypical fashion figure while still being stereotypical is why people love him. The book's title makes clear who's set of Golden Rules Tim is following, as I'm assuming the text will as well.

Watch a clip of The Daily Show with John Stewart with Guest Tim Gunn


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I love him. Bonus reason: he's unapologetic.

And I love this article!

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